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Don’t make Fire Safety compliance an afterthought.

If you wait until your new building or refurbishment project is complete before checking with a competent Fire Safety Consultant, you could be too late.

We see it happen time and time again, not just in Kendal but throughout the area we cover – a project manager or designer doesn’t have a clear picture of how a building will be used by the people who eventually occupy it. Then, later down the line, the Responsible Person finds that the finished premises don’t comply with fire safety legislation or that fire precautions have been ridiculously over-specified. The net result is a gigantic headache to sort out.

The earlier we’re involved in the design process, the better. All of our Assessors hold the grades of Member with the IFSM, Graduate with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and are Tier 2 accredited on the IFSM Competent Fire Risk Assessor Register (CFRAR) as a minmimum so you know you can trust our advice.

We work with our clients, their architects, and Building Control bodies in Kendal and nationwide to bring fire safety consultation into the mix right from the start. Our fire strategies not only ensure that the finished project is up to standard but also help you to avoid costly retrospective works, redesigns, or ongoing maintenance of unnecessary fire precautions.

So, if you have a project in Kendal, we can work with you to discuss the fire safety implications of your new build or refurbishment before you start.

We produce fire strategies on projects ranging from holiday let conversions to multi-million pound developments, nationally, regionally, and in Kendal, and we’ve seen design teams propose projects with significant life safety issues in them all. So, make sure that your project is compliant from the outset.

Contact us to discuss your Fire Safety needs whether you are based in Kendal or further afield.

If you’d like to discuss the Fire Safety Design of your new build project or building alteration, call 0800 043 1203 or click the button below.

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