Fire Awareness & Warden Training

To protect property and save lives, you should aim for the highest standard in fire training.

Article 21 of the Fire Safety Order states that employers must ensure that all staff have adequate fire safety training. Many premises also need nominated Wardens responsible for fire safety measures and evacuation procedures.

There’s only so much that people can learn from written materials, online modules, and multiple-choice questionnaires.

We offer comprehensive Fire Awareness and Fire Warden training courses that incorporate practical extinguisher training as standard. By ensuring that a greater number of individuals within your organisation receive hands-on training in the proper use of fire extinguishers, we effectively minimise the risk of a small fire escalating and posing a significant threat to both the occupants and the overall operations of your business.

We firmly believe that the practical element of our training is invaluable. Consider the difference between someone who simply checks a box on a computer screen amidst their daily tasks and someone who has personally experienced a real fire: feeling its heat and smell, handling the weight and hearing the noise of extinguishers, and successfully extinguishing the fire. We emphasise this experiential approach to ensure that your staff are better prepared to handle fire incidents where safe to do so.

This proactive approach to fire safety not only safeguards your occupants but also plays a vital role in protecting the continuity of your business.

All of our fire safety training courses can be tailored to your business, accommodate up to 15 people and are certified for three years.

Fire Safety training

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